Cyber Security

Keeping your your organization safe from local and global security threats

Resolving Your Security Risks

From preventing cyber threats to resolving security breach, we have you covered


Data Governance


Team Training

Incidence Response

Risk Mitigation

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Full Scale Security Operations Center

24/7 monitoring of your cyber security

With our Security Operations Center (SOC) services, you have a partner that is managing Global cyber threats before they hit your network. Security is the most important aspect of businesses today. Keeping your clients, employees, and company data safe is can be overwhelming, so we make sure to take that on for you. Our security specialists stay up-to-date with this fast-changing industry and are ahead of threats before they become problems.
The best defense is an informed user or client, so we invest in educating your staff and client on what to look for and how to handle possible threats.
There is no full-proof network, and it's only as strong as the weakest link. We constantly look what we can improve to plug gaps and possible vulnerabilities before they're exploited
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If a breach does occur, a quick and thorough responce is critical. Our Cyber Incidence Reponse (CIR) protocals assures that we completely contain and eradicate the threat quickly.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

We look at all levels of your data infrustruture to determine what potential risks your organization may be susceptible to. This knowlege allows us to outline a plan for how to maintain a secure and efficient network.

4 Stages of Cyber Security

We can help you with picking out the best people for your company.

1) Passive

2) Reactive

3) Proactive

4) Progressive

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Full Protection

There are a lot of cyber threats out there. We look for and protect our clients from the simplest of attack to complex full scale threats.
Spear Phishing
Man in Middle Attack
DNS Attack
Denial of Service
SQL injection
Zero-day Exploit
Advanced Persistent Threat

Securing organizations of all sizes

GCN has been working with organizations large and small to deliver reliable security solutions for over a decade. We've leveraged this experience and knowledge to become a first in class security provider.

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