Cloud Solutions

Creating modern information storage for ultimate flexibility and security

Data Storage for Modern Work

Almost every part of your business can run remotely if your platforms and data storage are chosen and implemented effectively

Our team excels in creating and integrating systems for the ultimate workforce flexibility. Modern cloud storage is incredibly secure and customizable. In businesses where HIPAA and PCI compliance are demanded, GCN helps reduce liability when transitioning your business to cloud services and storage via knowledgeable execution and helping you create a long-term plan for information storage and acquisition.

Partnering with GCN, you can take your business remote and directly improve workplace satisfaction, flexibility, and efficiency by allowing us to upgrade your systems to cloud-based programs. Moving from a paper-based business to one that utilizes only digital files and forms requires a tight process and an excellent understanding of the benefits and limitations of cloud-based software, storage, and security.

How to Establish Your Presence on the Web

You may as well title this article ‘Why you Should Have a Website Regardless of Your Business Size’ because having a website is the number one way to establish your business’ online presence. . .

Stand out from the competition

Make sure your clients not only find your product online but love what they see when they do. Sleek streamlined designs allow for cutting edge and high performance websites.

01Update & Support

We handle your maintenance and updates to keep your site optimal

02End-to-End Implementation

We have in house full stack teams to make sure all you needs are met

03Increase Engagement

Backend analytics will show you how your site is doing in driving sales

Understanding HIPPA

We offer compliance audit and resolution

Most patient-connected medical data storage across industries requires HIPAA compliance in the recently mandated, cloud-based electronic health records.

Future of business

Staying ahead of the curve

Other industries have also experienced this transition and GCN has the experience and support you need to conduct your business completely on the cloud, regardless of your industry.
We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. With our progressive development phases, you'll see your project come to completion gradually and have the flexibility to make modifications that better suit your vision.

Be on the front page of google results

Ask us how we can help propel your business to become a leading search engine results in your area. With organic search placement on maps and search listings, clients will be sure to find your service.